Beadhoppers interchangeable Pendants:
the “stack & screw” principle

The idea of the “Interchangeable Pendant” has been around for quite a while - but it has never quite captured the heart of bead-makers and jewelry designers around the world. The reasons for this “lack of enthusiasm” were mostly two factors: The design limitations and the price.

The Beadhopper system is about to change this! 

You can change your beads
in a blink of an eye.
This is why we call it
„The One Minute
Perfect Pendant System“.


System Basics:    

We offer a huge variety of pin-lengths (11 different lengths, with more to come!), so you can make beautiful pendants, earrings, zipperpulls, pendulums or other items with small beads or even spacer beads - and you can work with beads that are so long that in the past you needed to learn to make your own headpins, because nothing available on the market would fit.

The stems of the pins are just 1.4mm thick, that not only accommodate the bead caps and filler pieces
we offer, but a wide variety of silver beads and precious stones you already have in your bead boxes.


System eyepins in 11 lengths
from 25mm up to 90mm

Available lengths:
25mm / 30mm / 35mm / 40mm / 45mm / 50mm
55mm / 60mm / 70mm / 80mm / 90mm

Perfect quality and durability of the fine threadings
     End pieces in 9 designs  

Drop 10x6mm   Ball 6mm    Ball 5mm    Cube 4x4mm

Large Cone       Small Cone     Cylinder      Bubbles

                               Ball with hole


Above we mentioned the issue of price: here is another area where the Beadhoppers System shines. In the jewelry making world, Gold and Sterling Silver rule everybody's perception of “what has value”. While Sterling Silver is definitely a beautiful material to create jewelry with, it has drawbacks, like the suddenly exploded prices - and the softness of the material.

Sterling Silver does NOT hold a threading very well, and the Sterling Silver interchangeable pendants available had to be made with a fairly thick Sterling Silver wire, to allow enough material for the threading. For this reason Beadhoppers choose to manufacture the system pieces with brass, a much harder material - and each piece was coated with silver, in Germany which creates much better and longer lasting quality than jewelry plated in China or India for example.

This way we could create very thin pins that not only accommodate the bead caps and filler pieces we offer, but a wide variety of silver beads and precious stones you already have in your bead boxes.


On the top of the silver plating, each piece has been coated with a special tarnish-resistant sealant that will assure your pieces to stay bright and shiny for a very long time.


Additional Parts


Unlike other systems we also offer a variety of filler pieces, like balls, tubes, and the best of all: elegantly simple beadcaps in 8 different diameters that can be stacked on top of each other to create a unique look - AND allow you to fill the pin with just the right amount of pieces to make the bead fit snugly, if you so desire.


The affordability
of the Beadhoppers System
gives you something
no other interchangeable
pendant system can:
the option to SELL
your pieces as pendants.


You can turn a $ 20 bead into a gorgeous $ 40 pendant, without having to invest a lot of time or material - if you sell at galleries or art shows, you will see the difference immediately.

We hope that you will have a lot of fun with our pieces, and that making jewelry will never be the same....