Beadhoppers Changeable Lampwork Toppers Tools
Create Threadable Anemone Implosion Toppers


Beadhoppers Lampwork Screw Tops


YouTube Video:
How to make a threadable Lampwork Ring Topper

Mini Tutorial: Mounting Beadhoppers DIY Rings
  Mini Tutorial: Interchangeable Glass Ends


DIY Rings

Make a gorgeous ring that fits your finger in the perfect size in just 2 minutes.
The rings are not only beautiful, but also extremely comfortable to wear ...


Glass Cone Pendant

Using the beadhoppers cylinder end pieces in combination with 4mm mandrels opens a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you make your own personalized end pieces or create ...

Mini Tutorial: How to make cascades with eyepins
  Mini Tutorial: Hair Sticks


Hair Sticks

This is a beautiful and unusual way to enhance your pendants or jewelry.
Our beadhoppers are made from brass and can be bent into different shapes ...


Cascade Pendant

With this kit you can easily make fancy hairsticks or even just beautiful chopsticks to eat with. The system allow you to use almost any size bead and use as much or as little silver decoration as desired.