Mini Tutorial: Hair Sticks


Hair Sticks


  Tom's most precious treasure  



With this kit you can easily make fancy hairsticks or even just beautiful chopsticks to eat with. The system allow you to use almost any size bead and use as much or as little silver decoration as desired.


Hair Sticks 1


Hair Sticks 2


Each kit comes with a pair of 20cm chopsticks (light brown or black), 2 eye pins with end parts ball 6mm, 4 each of 6mm, 7mm and 8mm beadcaps.


In order to attach the eye pins to the chopsticks you have to cut off the EYE PART of the pin....the threaded part I'll be the END of your stick. The reason we are not sending you pre-cut sticks is that this will give you more flexibility in creating the perfect fit. When cutting the pin (we recommend using wire-cutters), please keep in mind that the hole in the wooden stick is 10mm deep, so you don't want to cut the pin too short! Once you have assembled your decoration, dip the cut end of the pin in glue (preferably a two part epoxy adhesive) and fixate the pin with the bead in the hole and wait the recommended time for the glue to dry ...


Hair Sticks 3


Hair Sticks 4


Hair Sticks 5

  Hair Sticks 6