Mini Tutorial: How to make cascades with eyepins



This is a beautiful and unusual way to enhance your pendants or jewelry.

Our beadhoppers are made from brass and can be bent into different shapes, but due to the strength of the material and the silver coating, you have to take special precautions when bending the pins - so you won't damage the silver layer.

If you want to prevent the cascading pieces from moving around, make sure that they are firmly "tied down" when attaching the end-piece to the main eye-pin.



In order to achieve an even radius in your curved piece, you can use a "bending helper" rod in a variety of diameter. This rod should be at least 5 inches long. Additionally, you will need some Scotch tape and a piece of rubber or a similar "shock absorbing" material, as well as some larger pair of pliers.


Attach the piece of rubber to the lower part of the rod, using the tape. The rubber protects the silver coating from being scratched when bending the eye-pin with the pliers.



Place a pin between the rod and the rubber piece.


...grab everything with the large pair of pliers.



The pin will now easily bend into the desired curve.


If you prefer an S-shape in a longer pin, repeat this at the other end of the pin in the opposite direction.



If you want to adjust the curve of the pin after the initial bending, we would recommend to use rubber coated pliers...


... done.