Mini Tutorial: Beadhoppers DIY Rings
Make a gorgeous ring that fits your finger perfectly in just 2 minutes.




Each ring-kit consists of 4 pieces:
- 1 double-threaded pin (either 30 mm long for a larger ring, or 25 mm long for a smaller ring)
- 2 screw-on end-pieces (your choice of 6mm balls, 5 mm balls, 4mm cubes or 4mm cylinders),
- 1 length of rubber strip, 8 cm long and 2 mm thick.
  You have a choice of either frosted transparent or frosted black, 10 mm or 15 mm wide

Here is the instruction how to mount your ring:


Make a small hole with the needle at one side of the rubber strip.


Put the bead on the needle and find the right size for your finger. (Better if another person helps you at this point.)


Cut the other end of the rubber strip.


Complete the ring by screwing on the end pieces.



All of this only takes about 2 minutes and you have a gorgeous ring that fits your finger perfectly - or your customer's, if you sell these at a show.