Mini Tutorial: Interchangeable Glass Ends


Glass Cone principle


  Glass Cone pendant  



Using the beadhoppers cylinder end pieces in combination with 4mm or 5/32” mandrels opens a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you make your own personalized end pieces or create stunning pendants and earrings that don't really look like "beads", there is no limit to where your imagination can take you....


Make a bead at the end of a 4mm or 5/32” mandrel dipped in beadrelease. Make sure that the beadrelease is not too thick or your hole might get bigger than necessary. If necessary, add some water to the beadrelease...
Note: making beads at the end of a mandrel is not as easy as it sounds. It takes some time to get the hang of making a clean upper rim, and a well balanced bead, don't get frustrated in the beginning!


Glass Cone 1


Glass Cone 2


Glass Cone 3


Clean the hole as well as possible, using a diamond bit on a Dremel tool, or any other bead reamer of your choice.
If there is too much beadrelease left in the hole, the glue might not work properly.
After cleaning the hole, dry the inside with a Q-tip.
Squeeze some epoxy glue into the hole. Any glue that binds metal and glass will work. Read the label about the time it takes for the glue to set.

  Glass Cone 4    
Glass Cone 5  

Push the cylinder into the hole, making sure that the hole for the eye pin faces outward....WAIT for the glue to set before starting your design....


Glass Cone 6


Glass Cone 6