Beadhoppers Interchangeable Necklace
... the “ready to wear” principle

The beadhopper necklace is an ingenious way to turn your favorite bead not only into a gorgeous pendant, but into an elegant, showstopping ready-to-wear necklace.


You can change your beads
in a blink of an eye.
This is why we call it
„The One Minute
Perfect Necklace System“.



Since the horizontal pin is the same diameter as the beadhopper pendant system, you can add any of the "filler stuff", like bead caps or balls and tubes, or you can pick just the right size pin and showcase just the bead...all of that in the "beadhopper minute".

The stems of the pins are just 1.4mm thick, that not only accommodate the bead caps and filler pieces
we offer, but a wide variety of silver beads and precious stones you already have in your bead boxes.

      Threaded system pins in 5 lengths
   Available pin lengths

   - total length 25mm / fillable space 19mm
   - total length 30mm / fillable space 24mm
   - total length 40mm / fillable space 34mm
   - total length 50mm / fillable space 44mm
   - total length 60mm / fillable space 54mm



Changing your bead is as easy as all of our beadhopper jewelry: just open the clasp, pull the wires through the hole of the round silver bead which threads onto the pin, unscrew  one bead, switch your bead and any parts you used on the pin, re-screw the silver bead and feed the wires back to the whole. The bead does not have to be screwed on very tight, the system makes it impossible for the pin to unscrew while wearing the necklace.

Create your elegant
ready to wear necklace
with your favorit bead within
the "beadhopper minute"



You can turn a $ 20 bead into a gorgeous $ 40 pendant, without having to invest a lot of time or material - if you sell at galleries or art shows, you will see the difference immediately.

We hope that you will have a lot of fun with our pieces, and that making jewelry will never be the same....